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Books and Meditation

Books and Meditation

You have a beautiful discussion in progress .I enjoy following it. Please keep it going.

You were discussing about books and meditation. I cannot help mentioning a delightful story about the relative value of books and meditation.

When the scholar rNa of sPar- Phu went to meet the meditation master hGro-mGon (1110-1170) at pHag –Mo –gru monastery, the master presented him an imprint of a beautiful lotus flower in brown sugar. The scholar admired the imprint but could not bring himself to eat it. There upon the master took the imprint, broke it into pieces, gave it back to rNa and asked him to eat it. The scholar ate the pieces and enjoyed.

The master explained” your studies are like this imprint of lotus flower. You can hold it and admire it but you cannot enjoy it until you break it and put it in your mouth. Scholarship is a form and it should be brought into your experience by meditation. The purpose of all learning is to help meditation.

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