Learning Process in Buddhism

31 Aug

Instructions – Black and White

1.Tibetan Buddhism makes a distinction between the written/spoken interpretation of a text by a scholar (Black Instruction) and the explanation by a Master based his own experience (White Instruction).The latter is more valuable.

To receive “White Instructions”, one has to approach a Master, receive initiation from him and practice it.


2. The learning process is in four stages:

 a) Study of texts

 b) Oral percepts and personal notes

 c) Initiation with practical guidance and

 d) practice-meditation and worship

They are in the order of increasing importance.


3. The teacher’s role is to help the pupil progress from one stage to the next. The responsibility is, however, on the pupil. He will have to exert and ultimately be free of the teacher.

The Buddha said, “The enlightened ones show the way. Going is your concern.”



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