Can Ancient Vishnu Idol Change View on Russian History?

31 Aug
2. There were some speculations that the discovery of an ancient Vishnu idol in the Staraya Maina village , in the Volga region , on the banks of Samara, region may cause the history of Ancient Russia to be re written.

Vishnu Idol in Staraya Maina

I think such statements are shrill and exaggerated. 

3. The discovery of the idol may only suggest that there were links between the two old countries. Most likely the links were through trade than through political  relation/domination.

4. Around the 6th century, Russia still had an open religious environment. The social structure was also more open. Serfdom was yet to become a part of the feudal structure. The peasants were free to move about the country side in search of farm lands and work. The links with the other parts of the old world were still active and alive. 

5. It was only by 966 AD under Prince Vladimir that Russia accepted Christianity ; and all other religious practices were banned. In the periods thereafter Russia  went into a virtual isolation and was cut off from Asia/India for a very long time.

6. The period 6-7th century-also marked flourishing trade ventures by Indian rulers. Palas in the North and Cholas in the South were enterprising dynasties.During their times the Indian influence through trade spread to Far East and to regions beyond the mountainous borders.

7. The links between India and Russia  are definitely far older than the 6th Century; deep into the unrecorded historic past .The discovery of the idol only suggests that even during 6-7th centuries there were trade links between the two ancient lands. The Indian traders/travelers could have had their own place of worship in the Staraya Maina (as they did have in old Iraq , Afghanistan , Central Asia , Baku etc.) because they had to be stationed there for fairly long spells .This is quite possible since Staraya Maina was a major centre for trade and culture in the old times. It is unlikely there were direct political connections between Mid Volga region and North / 

8. A call to rewrite pre Christine Russian history on the basis of this discovery alone, to say the least, is rather unrealistic; unless further more compelling evidences – say , in the form of edicts , records , excavations etc, – come up.

9. But definitely, there is a need for further serious study.

A request to all other subscribers and members

1. Are there any details of coins, artifacts etc. found on the site? Has any study been made? 
2. Is there an update about the proposed ”International Conference “?
3. Can anyone please enlighten if such a conference was held. If so what was the outcome of it?
4. Is there a link on the Web detailing further developments on the issue of proximity between India and Russia?

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3 responses to “Can Ancient Vishnu Idol Change View on Russian History?

  1. sreenivasaraos

    August 31, 2012 at 4:27 am

    Dear Bijaya Ghosh, Thank you for resurrecting an old (almost an ancient) blog. When I looked at it today, after your visit, I was rather uncomfortable with its over-sized fonts and some missing names. Thanks to your visit, I have fixed the page; and added the picture of the Vishnu image. Please look at it.

    As regards the ‘international conference’, I tried follow that , but in vain. I could not get any further news about the conference.

    Thank you



  2. sreenivasaraos

    August 31, 2012 at 4:29 am

    Sreenivasarao —
    What if the world that appears Kesto (majority) was one Vishnu in the ancient? I have all reasons to think this way that Hinduism is untraceably ancient – had/has gene, gotra, ganit, mental & physical health embed in meditation and ahimsa param dharam…

  3. sreenivasaraos

    August 31, 2012 at 4:29 am

    I agree..
    wanted to see your first blog..


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